Peppy Galore


It feels totally counter-intuitive to cleanse your face with an oil, because it's a proper scrub and a wash that we associate with cleanliness. But the oil cleansing method is a great way to clean your skin. Oil dissolves oil - so a cleansing oil dissolves with your skin's own oil, lifts dirt and make-up and when you wipe the oil off, all the grime comes off with it.

A cleansing oil  is much more gentle than soap, because most soaps are designed to really strip your skin off all oil, which you then have to put back with a moisturiser or spend the day feeling like you've had a facelift gone wrong.

If you've ever used a cleansing milk or a cleansing balm, then you've already used the oil cleansing method. A cleansing milk is made of oils but it's diluted with water, so it needs an emulsifier to make the two to mix. And because of the added water, a cleansing milk needs to use a preservative to keep it from going off. So the method for cleansing is exactly the same, but a cleansing milk is much less concentrated than a cleansing oil and includes added ingredients that are not really needed by your skin.

A cleansing oil is not diluted with water. Therefore your skin will be moisturised and you probably won't need to use a moisturiser after cleansing. And because a cleansing oil does not need emulsifiers or preservatives, it can be made of 100% natural ingredients.

Image by USDA